This is it !

Hey guys !

We're proud to release the First Playable Prototype of our new project Kyaaa !!!

This is an early access version of the game as we are in early development stage right now and we want to hear from you !

You are the most important part of this project as we're developing it for the players and not for us and we want to involve you in the creation process. We want you to tell us your thoughts, what you like, don't like and what you'd want to see in the game.

We will release new versions of the game about every month and keep the devlog updated as we go. 

We are a team of two people working on this project :

Raphael Dely@EckartG on Twitter and Eckartg on

Alexandre Guillout - @GossipGuillout on Twitter and Youtouch on

We're working under the banner of Broken Blast Bit, our association of game developers who want to help each other creating interesting and new content.

You can find us on Twitter or on Facebook as we will regularly post updates there.

We hope that you'll enjoy the game and see you soon !

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Dec 16, 2017

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